Having dealt with weeks of crying and excessive drool levels, Rosanna mother Rebecca Stone has given her 18-month-old son Jacob an amber teething necklace in an attempt to alleviate his acute teething symptoms. Whilst the necklace seems to have eased some of her son’s pain, Rebecca is now conflicted by her life rule of never trusting a man who wears a necklace. 

Her life rule, initially invoked in the early 2000s, is yet to fail her, so now she can’t stop looking suspiciously at her son, who’s personality seems unchanged by the new item of jewellery. Speaking from her home this morning, Rebecca said “it’s been really hard, I mean this rule has held me in very good stead since it’s introduction. In almost 15 years of use, it has never failed me.

“When I was on the dating scene in the early 2000s I came into contact with a large number of douchey guys and many of them wore necklaces. Once I had made that correlation, I started to use it as a quick personality guide. On a night out at a pub or club it became a very efficient filter when talking to guys. I just don’t know what to do now, I love my little Jacob but I’m just not sure that I can fully trust him now.”