The nation’s favourite hardware retailer, Bunnings, has seemingly achieved the impossible: being a beloved Australian retailer or shopping precinct that hasn’t had its name shortened. As we know, us Aussies love to shorten the names of things so we don’t have to waste precious syllables while speaking to one another, hence McDonald’s becoming “Maccas”, Kentucky Fried Chicken becoming “KFC”, Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre becoming “Shoppo”, and other such examples.

However, despite being raised within this climate of abbreviation, Bunnings remains exactly that: Bunnings. No mainstream shortening of the name is known at this stage. Exactly how this has occurred remains unclear, while we continue to waste our voices on pronouncing the full “Bunnings” every time we talk about going to get some hardware, a length of timber, a tine of paint, or just to the car park to grab a few snags in bread.

One company insider, who requested anonymity, said he was around when the burgeoning company was named, and in a The Watsonia Bugle exclusive claims that one of the main reasons they eventually chose “Bunnings” was because it was unshortenable. The man said, “Yeah mate, I was involved in the naming process. We all sat around a big boardroom table for three whole days tossing potential names around, but the boss was adamant we didn’t choose something that could be shortened. He felt it would be our point of difference. So it got to the third day, someone suggested ‘Bunnings’, and then we spent the next three hours trying to shorten it. No luck. So the name stuck.”