The suburb of Ivanhoe is reportedly seeking a controversial upgrade in social status by requesting a name change that will more closely align them with their southern neighbour Kew. While the concept of the name change has been met with little opposition, the name itself has local residents up in arms.

Oddly ignoring the more phonetically-sound option of “North Kew”, the proposal is suggesting that Ivanhoe becomes known as “Far Kew”. Whether that preferred moniker was thoroughly tested by a series of focus groups remains unclear, but residents north of Far Kew are having a field day with the gaffe, especially those who regularly catch the train.

We headed to Watsonia Station last night to talk to the commuters about the proposal and get their thoughts. Jess Bishop said, “Far Kew? Seriously? That’s gold. I can’t wait to be on the train when the voiceover says ‘This train is running express to Far Kew’. I hope I’m quick enough to get my phone out to record that. It’ll be gold on my Insta stories.”