The world stopped and stared this week at a staggering image of Mount Everest and a long line of people attempting to scale its peak. It’s alleged that up to 200 climbers recently tried to summit the world’s highest mountain after favourable weather conditions opened a window of opportunity.

While the image was quite striking, and gave an insight into the conditions and risks facing climbers, one local woman claimed that the traffic jam atop Everest was nothing in comparison to the traffic conditions present on Macorna Street in Watsonia North during the morning peak each weekday. Sharon Miller told The Watsonia Bugle, “Yeah, it looks pretty tight up there on Everest, but try climbing Macorna each morning during school drop off time. It’s heaps worse!”

Despite having it suggested that perhaps safety at the top of Everest was slightly more perilous than Macorna Street, Miller said, “No way, mate. Sounds like you’ve never been stuck in traffic there my friend. Tension levels are high, and the people trying to chip in from Meakin Street are on a knife’s edge.”