A passionate cricket fan was spotted in a local supermarket stocking up on instant coffee for the upcoming World Cup. The tournament, which starts this Thursday night, will be held in the UK, posing time zone issues for supporters hoping to watch multiple matches amongst the world’s best cricket nations.

The local fan, identified as Luke Barnett, says a constant supply of instant coffee is essential for him to make it through the tournament. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Barnett said, “Yeah mate, a coupla tins of Moccona can be the difference between getting through an entire game or waking up on the couch at about 3am feeling confused, cold and tragically alone.”

Barnett also claimed that the choice of instant coffee gave a clear indication of the importance of the cricket being watched. He said, “There’s a clear pecking order to this kind of thing. Moccona only comes out for the big events. You know, the Ashes in England, World Cups, and maybe a series against South Africa or India. Otherwise it’s just the good old Nescafe Blend 43. I’m not rich mate, I can’t always live like a millionaire.”