The harmony of an inner-city office has been reportedly shattered over the contentious issue of whether “learnings” is actually a word or not. A member of the office has broken ranks to discuss the fallout with The Watsonia Bugle, suggesting that productivity has dropped, and this week’s Friday night drinks could be the worst attended in recent memory.

The whistleblower, who requested strict anonymity, said that the issue reared its ugly head during a team meeting earlier this week when the manager made frequent references to the “learnings” the team had obtained at a recent external conference. They said, “It was all ‘learnings’ this, and ‘learnings’ that, until the comms guy put his hand up and said, ‘Sorry to interrupt, but I don’t actually think that learnings is a proper word. Can you please stop saying it?’ Well, that set everyone off. You could almost see the room split in half as people clearly took sides. Dudes were Googling stuff, people started shouting, and someone even went and grabbed an actual physical dictionary. I mean, who even has one of them these days?”

While the initial debate eventually subsided, the office insider said tension has remained in the office ever since. They said, “The pro-learnings camp have been dropping that word into just about any and every conversation they can. While the anti-learnings mob are coming up with all kinds of alternative words to use, like lessons, knowledge, understanding, training and information. The whole place is on the brink of collapse.”

Interestingly, the person who gave the tipoff is yet to choose sides in the heated argument. They said, “I really don’t care. It’s just semantics at the end of the day isn’t it? To be honest, I love the drama. I feed off it. Every now and then when it looks like dying down I just throw a little grenade in there and it all kicks off again. It’s so much fun.”