Rhyce Shaw’s promotion to become North Melbourne’s senior coach has inadvertently strengthened the Diamond Valley’s stranglehold on AFL coaching positions. Shaw’s Diamond Valley heritage, coupled with Adam Simpson’s early days in Eltham, means that a whopping 11 percent of current AFL coaches have strong ties to our local region.

When combined with Buddy Franklin’s well-known connection to the area, footy insiders now claim that clubs will look more closely into the glut of innovative footy minds coming out of the Diamond Valley. One club insider said, “Yeah mate, for sure. You can’t argue with those numbers. That’s a big chunk of AFL mentors, and AFL clubs love nothing more than following the numbers. There must be something to it.”

Current Watsonia Wombats head coach Darren McAllister said that Shaw’s appointment confirms what he knew all along. McAllister said, “The DV is where it’s at, mate. Heaps of big footy minds coming out of this area. I might even tidy up me resume this week just in case any AFL clubs come knocking on my door.”