Local alcoholics are reportedly disappointed at news that the Watsonia North retail precinct will be welcoming a podiatry clinic instead of the wine bar that many of them had lusted for. News broke today that plans are currently with council for the former Macorna Store to be transformed into a podiatry clinic later this year.

Enthusiastic binge drinker, and Watsonia North resident, Sally Menzel contacted The Watsonia Bugle this afternoon to voice her displeasure. Menzel said, “It’s very disappointing, to be totally honest. All my life, all I’ve wanted is a nice little wine bar within walking distance of home. You know, a nice little haven away from the kids at home. Alas, it’s not to be this time.”

Thankfully, for the many disappointed drinkers, the replacement business will potentially help them treat the predicted cases of gout they will inevitably endure in the near future. However, Menzel was not pleased by that insinuation. She said, “Gout? Turn it up champ! My personal health is none of you business!”