Suspicion surrounds the true identities of both Andy Day and Andy Lee, with entertainment industry sources claiming that the two have never been seen together in the same room (note: the above image has been digitally altered for comparative purposes). It is generally accepted that Andy Lee is part of the popular Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy, while Andy Day is the star of multiple adventure-based television series that are shown on ABC Kids.

However, one showbiz veteran has contacted The Watsonia Bugle to suggest that the two characters are actually the same person, insisting that the two Andys have never been seen alongside each other. While other industry sources have pointed out that the two personalities live on different sides of the world and work in totally different genres (making it relatively plausible that they wouldn’t have crossed paths), our industry insider insists that there’s an intimate link between the two. He said, “Look at them, mate. The similarities are endless. I’m convinced they’re the same person. If so, the one Andy has a very impressive range!”

The source went on to suggest that the diversification of Andy was possibly due to the slightly higher profile of Hamish Blake. The source said, “Think about it for a second. Hamish has always been the bigger of the duo here in Australia, and especially so after that LEGO show went well. So, Andy’s obviously trying to spread his wings elsewhere, and the kid/UK audience has huge upside. It’s actually a very clever move by Andy.”