A socially awkward local man has revealed that he is unable to say no to a catalogue at Aldi checkout every time he goes shopping. Gregory Barnes made the confession to friends earlier this week, admitting that his inability to say no to the offer of a catalogue is personally very frustrating, as well as having an adverse impact on the environment.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Barnes said, “When they offer the catalogue at the checkout I just can’t say no. It’s a nightmare. I never even open the thing, it just gets jammed into the bag with all my other stuff and then when I’m unloading the shopping at home it goes straight into my recycling bin.”

One anonymous checkout attendant from Aldi actually contacted us and said he loves asking the question because he knows that so many people are too uncomfortable with saying no. He said, “It’s a classic. I can actually pick the awkward ones now before they even get to the register. I love to watch their little faces squirm as they try so hard to say no. The catalogues gets mailed to just about every household in Australia, so there’s really no need to get one in the store.”