As the Australian Federal Police conduct multiple raids across multiple locations for journalists and news outlets seemingly questioning the status quo, The Watsonia Bugle office has been a hive of activity, with staff members rushing around and shredding basically any pieces of paper and/or documents they can get their filthy little hands on. Exactly when or how the raid will occur remains unclear, but veteran journalists such as ours can never leave these kinds of things to chance.

While the recent raids paint a fairly dim picture of any future allusions Australia might hold for the freedom of the press, we have moved swiftly to protect the identities of the many anonymous locals that contact us to provide information about various goings on. Meanwhile, we will continue to strive to deliver the truth about issues and developments both local and abroad.

Despite some readers feeling compelled to tell us to stay away from discussing politics, we have occasionally dipped our toe in the murky waters of Australian politics. Of most prominent note, we genuinely fear retribution for referring to ScoMo as a grub. If the AFP are reading this, which they no doubt are, we stand by our comments. And if you’re planning on raiding Bugle HQ, can you at least bring coffees with you? Flat white, no sugar. Thanks.