The same local kid that offered to create the Nillumbik Shire Council’s new logo for a fraction of the price they paid, has now turned his attention to the Australian Football League, which is reportedly in the process of also looking for a logo. Lachlan Rimington made headlines earlier this week for his generous offer to Nillumbik, but has now turned his sights on the nation’s biggest sporting league after declaring the local council a “lost cause”.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Rimington said, “Looks like I was too late for Nillumbik, they’ve already paid for that new logo. But Mum said the AFL have only just started looking for a new one. So I’ll draw one for them instead.”

While the AFL is rumoured to have already budgeted a six-figure sum for their important rebranding, Rimington believes he could do it for just three figures. He said, “Yeah, not much. An afternoon’s work, really. I reckon a couple of hundred bucks will do it for me. I like footy, and I like drawing, so it wouldn’t really seem like work at all.”

Despite remaining tight-lipped about any ideas he had for the new AFL branding, Rimington did say he’d learnt from the Nillumbik experience. He said, “Looks like you just need to change the colours a bit, and make it more ‘accessible’, whatever that means. Then Dad said you just have to use some big words to describe why the new logo is so good. I might ask for some help with that.”