Two-time Olympic Gold Medallist Chazz Michael Michaels is reportedly in talks to help promote a temporary ice-skating rink that will be installed at Greensborough Plaza for the upcoming winter school holidays. While news about the innovative promotion is slowly spreading around the Diamond Valley, organisers behind the stunt feel that securing the services of an ice-skating icon will really increase awareness.

A source close to the Plaza revealed, “Yep, our people have been talking to Chazz’s people, and they reckon we’re close to a deal. They’re mainly just debating the fee right now. For a guy that last won gold about 13 years ago, Chazz is surprisingly expensive. I guess he’s quite an iconic figure in the skating world. Haha, pun intended.”

Exactly how Michaels would be used to promote the venture remains unclear, with our source saying they were sworn to secrecy. They said, “Don’t you know how these things work? I’m obviously just leaking this to you to get a bit of cheap coverage for the event. There’s no way I’m going to tell you what Chazz will be doing if or when he visits Greensy. C’mon man.”