According to a local sociologist, local badge-toting “Top Fans” of The Watsonia Bugle are essentially the pinnacle of humanity, and more people should aspire to be like them. Professor Trevor Layton claimed that the heightened intelligence, supreme good looks, and unparalleled community-mindedness exhibited by this select group of people was more than enough to place them at the top of the pile.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Professor Layton said, “There are distinct commonalities between the Top Fans that you guys have listed, and they are all very positive personality attributes. If the Diamond Valley became an independent principality, these people would be an obvious choice to become the ruling class.”

While “Top Fan” status is yet to provide actual tangible benefits to its members, reports have begun circulating that these privileged few could soon receive a neat package of passes and gifts. Early suggestions include a personal wake up device to stop them from sleeping past their intended train stop on the Hurstbridge Line, significant discounts on the world’s greatest dim sims, and automatic alerts for when Crownies go on sale at various bottle shops in the surrounding area.