A local supermarket has been accused of encouraging underage drinking after so-called “junior stubby holders” were pictured for sale in one of the aisles of the store. Local wowser Karen Wallace made the complaint earlier this week just moments after her weekly shop at Watsonia IGA, contacting The Watsonia Bugle to make her complaint public.

Seemingly mistaking us for some kind of ombudsman or retail regulator, Wallace said, “Quite frankly this kind of product has no place in our community. Drinking is a big enough problem in society these days, we don’t need to further encourage the kiddies to start drinking any earlier than they already are.”

Despite our attempts to explain to Wallace that the “Kids Insulated Pouch” was most-likely just designed for the small drink bottles that children like to use, she remained unrepetent. She said, “I’ve seen those pop top thingos. They could definitely slip something a bit stronger into their cordial in those things. And now they’ll feel like their parents with their own customised bloody stubby holder. It’s outrageous.”