Talkback radio listeners were left shocked this morning when a caller mounted a reasonable and balanced argument that displayed thought, intelligence and research. Further investigation into the caller’s background revealed that he had an IQ of 115, a significant increase on the average caller IQ of 75.

It’s a well-known fact that talkback radio is flooded by bias, lack of supporting evidence, and basic stupidity. A lesser known fact is the findings of a detailed study into the average talkback caller, conducted back in 2014. The study revealed that the average talkback caller exhibited the perfect storm of screaming for relevance:

  1. A lack of general intelligence.
  2. Too much time on their hands. 

In addition to these findings, the study analysed the IQ of callers, producing the disturbing average of 65 to 75. This range is significantly lower than the societal average of 90 to 110. In fact, the study concluded that callers with an IQ above 80 only get on air once a fortnight.