A Collingwood supporter has reportedly attended a local hospital to treat injuries sustained from jumping off the bandwagon over the weekend. Nathan Taylor made his way to the Emergency Department at the Austin Hospital late last night after pain from his injuries had failed to subside following the dramatic fall late on Saturday night.

While Taylor confessed to being diagnosed with a fractured wrist and a sprained shoulder, he refused to provide more information on his injuries, with additional reports alleging that he may have also been treated for a bruised ego. An official statement from the hospital read: “Last night we admitted a young male with multiple injuries from what he said was a ‘vehicle accident’ over the weekend. Due to patient-doctor confidentiality we can’t reveal the exact nature of his injuries, but we can confirm that he was treated for multiple ailments and discharged in the early hours of this morning. We wish him a speedy recovery and keenly discourage him from alighting from a moving vehicle in the future.”

Friends of Taylor said they weren’t surprised by the incident, after noticing that his online presence had changed dramatically in the last month or so. An anonymous friend told The Watsonia Bugle, “Earlier in the year he was all ‘Flagpies’ this and ‘Flagpies’ that on social media. But he’s been pretty quiet over the last few weeks, except for posting the occasional semi-cryptic link that goes to an article about something that criticises the AFL. It’s been quite a radical transformation.”