The local community has been divided over the explosive news that Nillumbik are keen to cash their chips and join Banyule in what can only be described as a bold council merger proposal. Any such amalgamation of the two neighbouring councils would also need to end years of tension between residents of the opposing regions, and would also prevent Nillumbik from getting value for money out of their amazing new logo.

News of the controversial merger suggestion broke yesterday, with Nillumbik’s Cr Peter Clarke expected to float the initial motion at a meeting next Tuesday. While reactions within the community have been mixed, the majority of the people we spoke to seemed to be against the idea.

Long-time Watsonia resident Daryl Lexington told The Watsonia Bugle, “It just makes no sense. It’s like suggesting that Carlton and Collingwood should merge. No. Just no. They’re rivals. And just like you guys published last year, there are a whole bunch of reasons why Watsonia is better than Nillumbik. And besides, it’s less than 12 months since Nillumbik was trumpeting about being the greatest place to live in Australia. Now they want to join us. Why the sudden change of heart?”