A local keyboard warrior has taken credit for the welcome decision to remove the controversial lane markings on Greensborough Road between Elder Street and Grimshaw Street. Only a couple of hours after local MP Colin Brooks announced news of the reversal of a recent change to the unpopular lane configuration, self-proclaimed change campaigner Dave Lipinski started telling friends that he was the impetus behind the move.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Lipinski said, “Oh yeah, I’ve been commenting heaps on social media about this. Any post I could find, I’d comment on. Obviously VicRoads have listened to me. Honestly, it feels good to make a difference in my community.”

Despite having not submitting any formal complaints with the road authority about the questionable change to the busy lanes, Lipinski remained convinced that the significant weight of his social media presence had been enough to force a retraction. He said, “Yeah man, them [sic] companies pay people to trawl through the social media comments on these types of things. So, my voice is always heard. This is a win for the people.”