A new movie named The Fanatic is surprisingly not about a young Australian travelling the world within a likeminded group of other Australians with the hope of watching various sporting events and carrying on like a bell-end. The film, which is oddly directed and co-written by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, instead chronicles a deranged fan/stalker (played by John Travolta) that haunts a fictional movie star named Hunter Dunbar.

Local film critic Alister Bransbury said that while he was initially disappointed by the somewhat misleading title, the movie is actually pretty good. Bransbury said, “I doubt issues around the movie title really registered for the American producers, but the film runs the risk of confusing Australian audiences who are more accustomed with the term ‘fanatic’ to being horrified by the behaviour of yellow-wearing idiots embarrassing their nation whilst travelling abroad.”

Despite that apparent cultural disparity, Bransbury claimed that there were still some similarities between the actions of a violent stalker and a member of the infamous Fanatics supporter group. He said, “You know, horror is horror, and there are some parallels between the behaviour of John Travolta’s character and the travel/sports group. At the end of the day, the behaviour from both parties is equally distasteful.”