Watsonia North’s thriving retail precinct is currently preparing for more bold expansion works, with investors reportedly clamouring to get involved with the booming economic region. Temporary fencing starting popping up around the former Grimshaw Health Solutions clinic, which coincidentally held the record for most consecutive “Worst Front Yard in Watsy North” titles with an impressive streak of seven years from 2011 to 2017.

While thirsty locals continue to lick their wounds over the apparently ghastly lack of a wine bar, the temporary fencing on the busy street corner is expected to protect work to be done on establishing a new childcare centre on the site. The entire retail precinct promises to become a hive of activity in the coming months, as construction begins on the nearby ambulance station, a long-time Watsonia podiatry business moves into the old Macorna Store, and reluctant dog owners gear up to give their animal its annual spring clean at the car wash.

According to one local resident, the expansion of the burgeoning retail precinct is very exciting for the entire suburb of Watsonia North. Lucinda Riccardo told The Watsonia Bugle, “I think this will be great for the whole area. This could really make us the true jewel of the north. With a bit of luck, in a few years, I’ll never have to leave the municipality of Watsy North. Now we just need to get that train station up and running.”