A boringly-cliched inspiration frame is asking too much of us, and should just stick to one or two takeaway messages. The text in the frame, written in a typically whimsical font, tells us to “dream big, speak the truth, work hard, treasure your friends, and be awesome”. 

While each of these points provide a worthwhile message, Watsonia man Ken Johnson claims their combination is too much to digest in one sitting. He said, “I’ve seen a few of these frames over the last few years and they’re all a bit flowery and pointless, but this one takes the cake. It’s trying to be too many things to too many people.”

Johnson’s comments have caused some tension in his household, considering the frame is actually hanging in his very own bedroom, courtesy of his wife’s recent trip to a local homewares store. The barely constructive feedback he provided to his wife when she first placed it on their bedroom wall was met with an extended silence. 

Johnson’s wife did not return our calls.