A local dad has shown severe resistance to change by loudly proclaiming that the “100 Days of Prep” phenomenon wasn’t a thing when he started his educational journey many years ago. Watsonia father of three Dave Thornley first made the statement on Wednesday night this week while he and his wife were putting the finishing touches on their daughter Kayla’s costume for yesterday’s festivities.

Dave then followed up with a solid day of bitching about the matter to his workmates, before resisting a strong urge to post his grievance on Facebook late last night. Instead, he contacted The Watsonia Bugle to vent his frustration.

In a wide-ranging discussion about shifting societal norms, Dave said, “It’s nothing but a bit of window dressing if you ask me. Kind of like how every kid gets a ribbon or a trophy these days. Pretty much everything that’s wrong with society. I was gunna post a little rant on Facey last night but my wife said she’d gotten over 80 likes on her pic of Kayla all dressed up as some 100 year old lady, so I should just leave it for the time being.”