A clumsy janitor has reportedly cost a British museum thousands of dollars in damages yet continues to keep his job despite numerous blunders. The janitor, made famous by his regular appearances in Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures, constantly makes basic errors of judgement around exhibits that are worth tens of thousands of dollars and contain rare artefacts that, in some cases, are irreplaceable.

Despite regular employee of the month Andy continually saving the day, museum insiders fear that one day Andy won’t be able to magically disappear over night and miraculously find replacement items just in time for museum boss Mrs Pickles to arrive in the morning and view each new display. One museum insider said, “I don’t know how Andy does it, maybe he’s got one of them awesome 3D printers, I just don’t know. But how about we take a bit of pressure off the lanky bastard and just get a new janitor who doesn’t break stuff all the time?”

While the insider admitted that the janitor wasn’t always the culprit when it came to damages to exhibits, they did say that he seemed to cause the lion’s share. They said, “It’s not always him, but it most often is. As soon as you see him shuffling around in the background you just know he’s going to do something stupid. I’m not saying you have to sack him completely, but they could at least move him to a part of the museum that doesn’t contain priceless artefacts. That’s just common sense really.”