A local man has claimed that Pamela Anderson is responsible for the large “#FreeAssange” mural that currently greets city-bound traffic on the Greensborough Highway. Pete Lenton has revealed that he actually spotted the former Baywatch star buying paint, rollers and brushes at Thomastown Bunnings the day before the mural appeared on the prominent Greensborough fence.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Lenton said, “Yeah mate, I saw her in the paint section at Thommo Bunnings for sure. I used to have posters of her plastered all over me walls when I was a young fella, so I’d recognise Pammy any day of the week, mate. For the record, she’s still got it.”

While Anderson is well-known to be a long-time supporter of Julian Assange, the choice of location for the slogan does seem odd for such a prominent global issue. However, Lenton claims that Greensborough has become world-renowned for fence-based campaigning, suggesting that Megan the anti-vegan’s ongoing use of a fence in Briar Hill has really put Greensy on the map. He said, “Bloody oath it has! That first story you wrote about old Meggsy went viral, remember? It was in the Herald Sun AND the Daily Mail, and we both know how respected those two names are in world media. Obviously Pammy has got wind of that and wanted to get in on the action. Who can blame her?”

At the time of publication, representatives of Anderson were yet to answer any of our calls.