Local wine enthusiasts are reportedly pegging all of their hopes for a wine bar in Watsonia on a soon-to-be-completed development down the Macleod end of our main street precinct. The multi-storey building seems near completion, and a “For Lease” sign currently sits out the front, ultimately teasing the growing underground movement for somewhere to sit and sip vino in Watsonia.

Arguably the longest ongoing narrative in our newspaper’s proud history, currently rivalling Megan the anti-vegan and plans for a Giant Dim Sim in Watsy, the apparent thirst for a wine bar reached fever pitch when news broke that the old Macorna Store would not be the answer to everyone’s wine-stained prayers. Speculation was so rife in the local community that it spread to the Watsonia Community Voice Facebook page, where residents daydreamed about all the wonderful activities that could take place in within the walls of such a cultured and welcoming venue.

Now, after a couple of months to stumble through the five stages of grief from the last setback, local alcoholics have reunited thanks to the hope of a new potential venue in the area. One such wino, who requested strict anonymity, told The Watsonia Bugle, “I’m trying not to get my hopes up this time, but sometimes I just can’t help it. How good would it be? That place even looks like it has an al fresco area. Imagine sitting out there on that balcony once summer arrives, looking out over the Dandenongs and watching the curtain drop on yet another glorious day in Watsonia. Please, please, please make my dreams come true.”