The Essendon Football Club is reportedly considering changing their theme song to a remix of soccer star Gennaro Gattuso’s legendary press conference – the one where he made a rather prescient observation about his team’s performance. In a now infamous line, Gattuso animatedly described the performance of a team he was managing as, “Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit”.

Footage of Gattuso’s rather brutal summation has been doing the rounds online for a couple of years now, and Essendon are now allegedly attempting to finalise their licensed remix in time for this Saturday night’s game against Fremantle over in Perth. An inside source claimed, “Yeah, they’ve got this mixologist on the case, and they reckon they can cobble a decent rendition together in time for next round. The hardest part will be obtaining AFL approval because some of the language is a bit rough.”

While not all fans are expected to embrace the obvious break with tradition, local Essendon fan Kelvin Millison said he would be happy to see the change. Millison said, “It’s 2019, man. You just can’t get away with false advertising like you could back in the day. See the Bombers fly up? Mate, they were barely in flight last Saturday night, let alone ascending. It’s time to keep it real.”