A local Baby Boomer has spruiked the brilliance of “Morning Melodies” at the Bundoora Hotel by saying that it’s a more popular hunting ground for picking up chicks than the popular dating app Tinder. For those not familiar with the early morning live music scene, Morning Melodies is held on the first Monday of each month and includes complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival. The show is then followed up with a very reasonable $12 Seniors lunch, making it increasingly popular amongst the over 60s market. 

Watsonia man Keith Rundle, a 64-year-old widower, swears by the Morning Melodies scene, recently overheard talking to some male friends and referring to it as “a happy hunting ground boys, a very happy hunting ground”. When pressed further on the topic by The Watsonia Bugle, Rundle was only too happy to help. He said, “these young bucks talk about Tinder all the time and swiping left or swiping right, but I tell you what, Morning Melodies is a very fertile hunting ground. There’s plenty of time to scope the crowd during the show, and then you can move in during lunch with a bit of ‘oh, is this seat taken?’ sort of banter. The old ducks love it, and it’s all conducted at a very reasonable hour. I’m always home for me supper by 5.30pm.” 

With the Morning Melodies franchise spreading all over Melbourne, Rundle said he attends at least one per week, or sometimes two to three if he’s feeling extra frisky. He said, “Oh, it’s a real hoot. I’ve been to shows all over town, and you have your regulars at each venue. They’re pretty classy at the Manno in Bulleen, but then you go to the Gateway Hotel in Corio and they get right down to business. And it’s an easy V-Line train back to the big smoke afterwards.”