A Montmorency man has spent most of his weekend scouring over maps in search of North Morang. The thought only occurred to him while driving through South Morang on Saturday morning when he said to his somewhat bemused wife, “I wonder if there’s a Morang just a bit further North from here? Or even a North Morang?”

When he returned home to Monty, he dusted off his old Melways and started searching. Fortunately his version of the Melways was quite old, so most of the surrounding area was just paddocks, but despite a keen analysis of the maps, he didn’t find a Morang or a North Morang. 

Reflecting on the search yesterday, he said “I felt like that bloke from Lion, you know, the little Indian fella that was trying to find his home by searching Google Earth for about five years. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a thing. It’s a modern mystery.”