According to a recent survey conducted by Office Space Monthly, people that rock into work a bit late but have a coffee in their hand don’t really have a leg to stand on. The survey, which quizzed office inhabitants from interns to senior management, seemed it total agreeance in condemning the action.

Local office workers that we spoke to about the findings were also on the same page as the survey participants. Greensborough secretary Gail McAlister said, “It’s like a big middle finger in the face of your colleagues. Any excuse you give for being late is cancelled out by the fact you still felt you had time to stop and wait in line at the local café.”

One manager, who requested anonymity, said, “I’m definitely not a fan of that kind of behaviour. It makes me question your priorities really. But I guess they’d be the same kind of person that uses their self-diagnosed caffeine addiction to cover their major character flaws.”