Inspired by the controversy surrounding ticket prices and seating at last night’s Australia vs USA basketball game, a local man has started advertising exclusive seating at his annual AFL Grand Final BBQ for the princely sum of $350. While organisers of the heavily promoted international basketball series at Marvel Stadium are yet to respond to negative feedback surrounding the event, Watsonia man Darren Chalmers has spotted an opportunity to make a few bucks on the side.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his bold business proposal, Chalmers said, “When I heard how much some of those pelicans paid to sit on a plastic chair and pretty much watch the game on a giant TV screen at Marvel, I thought to meself, ‘I might offer a few seats at me annual GF barbie’. I put on a pretty good do. Drag the big screen out onto the deck, heaps of beers, plenty of food, it’s a good day out, haha.”

While Chalmers conceded that he hadn’t sold any tickets just yet, he insisted that it was still early days in his promotion. He said, “I’m just planting the seed mate. People won’t buy tickets straight away, but as the day gets closer I might sell a few. I’ll make it full catered, too. People will get their money’s worth at my joint more than they will watching an over-hyped basketball game, while sitting on a football field staring at the back of some bloke’s head.”