A local man has been accused of continually asking questions of his WhatsApp group that could easily be answered by a quick Google search. Friends of Vinnie Stanley contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to air their concerns about the behaviour, suggesting that Stanley may think he’s a little more important than he really is.

One anonymous friend asked, “Who does he think he is? A celebrity on Twitter? I’m just like, Google that stuff mate, I’m not here to answer all your queries.” Another friend claimed that the questions spanned just broad topic areas at start time for AFL matches, long-term weather forecasts, and the next available train to depart from Watsonia train station.

When contacted for his side of the story, Stanley seemed unrepentant, responding to the accusations by claiming that he was simply attempting to facilitate regular interaction between his friends. He said, “I’m just trying to make conversation. Of course I know that the Watsy RSL’s Parma Night is every Wednesday night, but sometimes I just like to get the chat going again if it’s been quiet for a few hours. And besides, Google has already ruined just about every bar room chat topic, why should it be allowed to sink its claws into WhatsApp too?”