A local fossil has reminisced about taking saucepans to her local Chinese restaurant back in the day, just in case anyone needed further confirmation of her advancing years. Friends say Carol Price seems to wear that long-ago experience as a badge of honour, somehow working into a variety of conversations with a variety of people.

A source close to Price contacted The Watsonia Bugle to discuss the issue, suggesting it had always been a problem, but that it had intensified in recent years. The source said, “Yeah, she’s always loved a bit of nostalgia, but the old pots and pans story at the local Chinese restaurant is an all-time favourite. Carol just loves talking about that, more than anything. Even more than the fact that she was one of the first people to shop at what we now know as Greensy Plaza.”

And despite Price generally showing little to no interest in the environment and/or its future health and wellbeing, the source also claimed that their friend loved to spruik the plastic-free nature of the old takeaway system. They said, “Works that fact in every single time, without fail. Carries on like some kind of environmental warrior when the exact same era she’s wistfully talking about is probably responsible for most of the damage done to our planet. The irony is delicious.”