A local millionaire has thrown caution to the wind and really treated himself by purchasing a 15-cent plastic carry bag during a recent trip to the supermarket. Ben Taylor, a resident of Watsonia’s famous “Paris End”, confidently decided against juggling half a dozen oddly-shaped items as he entered the self-checkout area, politely asking the nearby attendant for a Coles-branded bag.

While gasps from fellow shoppers rang out across the expansive supermarket, Taylor remained calm, thanked the attendant, and immediately scanned the bag to indicate that he was willing and able to pay the full 15 cents for it. Speaking out after the incident, fellow shopper Claire Percival said, “What does he think he is? Made of money? I mean, who pays for one of those bags these days? Why doesn’t he just juggle an awkward bundle of the canvas bags like the rest of us.”

Unperturbed by the public reaction, Taylor stood by his actions in the supermarket. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, he said, “I’ve worked hard to accumulate my significant wealth. Purchased a nice house in the Paris End, and bought myself my dream car. If I want to treat myself with the occasional 15-cent bag while doing a quick spot of shopping, I bloody well will!”