Hoot, the loveable owl from ABC KIDS’s hit show Giggle and Hoot, has spoken out over what he describes as “torturous work hours and an unfair distribution of wealth”, revealing that he is very close to leaving the entertainment industry for good. The claims have shocked many fans of the show – both adults and children alike – who are more accustomed to Hoot being the mischievous, and generally happy, sidekick to Jimmy Giggle, the show’s human host.

Hoot’s main issue is management’s insistence that he still completes a full “night watch” every night even though he’s been on and off TV all day, seven days a week. According to the loveable owl, “it’s like they just conveniently forget that I’m actually nocturnal, but they still work me all day, before sending me out on the night watch. I haven’t had a decent day’s sleep in almost 10 years. It’s slowly killing me.”

And so it happens that while Jimmy Giggle snuggles under a warm blanket in his cozy PJs, Hoot is heading out on the night watch, as if working all day with a high pitched man/boy isn’t enough for the head honchos at ABC KIDS. Hoot also claims that this heavy workload is not even reflected in his pay packet each week, with the pyjama-wearing, sideburn-rocking Giggle taking the lion’s share of the profits. Hoot said, “that idiot’s on a seven-figure salary for sitting around in his PJs all day and pretending to be scared of a poorly imagined pirate owl, while I’m putting in 20-hour days, seven days a week, and earning less than a quarter of his wage. It’s bang out of order.”

But don’t worry that you’ll have to start explaining to your kids why Hoot is no longer on the TV, because he also told us that he feels obliged to stay on the show for his hundreds of thousands of pint-sized fans. He said, “I’ve thought about leaving so many times, but every time I just can’t bare the thought of leaving those kids. Whenever we do appearances at shopping centres and that, none of them care about Jimmy, they just want to see me. And so many of them say that knowing I’m out on the night watch makes them feel safe in bed. So how can I turn my back on that?”