Stuart Broad has packed up his cricket kit following last night’s conclusion of the Ashes, pausing briefly to include his treasured Davey Warner voodoo doll before heading home for a well-earned rest. Broad dismissed Warner seven times during the recent series, with inside sources now claiming the dominance was helped by a secret voodoo doll that Broad carried with him throughout the English summer.

The source, with close connections to the English team, said that Broad carried the talismanic doll wherever he went during the Ashes, drawing strength from its presence. The insider said, “Oh yes, Broady’s been taking that little thing with him everywhere. He calls it ‘Little Davey’, and before each Australian innings he sticks a couple of pins in and around its outside edge, chuckling as he does it.”

While the ancient tradition of torturing a voodoo doll in an attempt to influence the future is often framed as purely a negative action, it can also be leveraged to produce a positive impact. With that in mind, Cricket Australia is expected to leave at least one staff member behind when the team departs London this week, with the express purpose of obtaining the doll and nurturing it before the first Test Match of the approaching Aussie summer.