Greensborough man, Hugh Prindle, has shocked friends visiting from interstate by telling them he’s not a big fan of the Yarra Valley, despite living so close to the world-renowned wine region. Prindle entertained longtime friends, the Davidsons, who were down from Queensland last weekend, but disappointed them when he said he wouldn’t be taking them to the Yarra Valley. 

The Davidsons are keen wine buffs, and had been reading up on the Yarra Valley. When they looked on Google Maps and saw how close Greensborough was to some of the wineries they had been reading about, they were keen to make a visit to the area last Sunday, their final day in Melbourne. 

However, when they made this suggestion to Prindle, he was quick to dismiss it. He said, “Nah, I think we’ll give that a miss. I’m not a big fan of the Yarra Valley. All those fancy wine joints are a bit overrated I reckon. Why would I want an overpriced dinner roll with olives all through it when the Greensy RSL gives you a free bread roll with every meal?”