In-depth research has revealed that a staggering percentage of nights out in town for Diamond Valley residents end up at Victoria Parade Maccas drive thru on the way home. The study, conducted by a local university, revealed that an average of 67% of nights out in the CBD area will include a quick trip through the Maccas drive thru, regardless of alcohol consumption or lack thereof.

The lead researcher from the valuable study told The Watsonia Bugle that while he was surprised by final percentage, it supported the anecdotal evidence that had provided the impetus for detailed survey. Professor Daniel Ploenges said, “For years people had been referencing a visit to the Victoria Parade McDonald’s as part of their tales of epic nights out on the town. I’d always wondered just how many nights included a quick whiz through that iconic underground drive thru, and now we have data to support the high proliferation.”

Professor Ploenges also claimed that the result supports the long-held belief that the systems and processes used by McDonald’s can endure large quantities of visitors. He said, “People always talk about how systematic each McDonald’s restaurant is, and this staggering figure supports that hypothesis. I mean, how that tiny little pokey underground driveway can accommodate such large numbers of hungry Diamond Vallians is quite extraordinary. Kudos to McDonald’s.”