Things just keep getting better for the increasingly desirable enclave of Watsonia North. First it was their top placing in the hotly contested Melbourne’s coolest and bestest suburb competition, and now they have the epitome of inner-city cool: a prominent fence on which aspiring musicians and festival organisers can advertise their wares.

The temporary fence, recently erected for the construction of a new childcare centre, runs across the corner of Macorna and Grimshaw Streets, directly opposite Watsonia North’s thriving retail precinct. The fencing has already been adorned with advertisements for multiple events, with more expected to follow as news spreads of the high-traffic location.

However, not all locals are impressed, with one contacting The Watsonia Bugle to say, “Where do they think this is? Fitzroy? Clifton Hill? No thanks. And besides, what the hell is the Rainbow Serpent festival anyway? And as for the so-called ‘talent’ listed on the bill… I’ve never heard of any of them. Any danger of posting billboards for Bruce Springsteen or John Farnham? Hit your target market peoples.”