A local motorist recently got stuck behind a garbage truck and subsequently copped a generous whiff of bin juice as he made his morning commute to work. Pete D’Agostino has so traumatised by the experience that he contacted The Watsonia Bugle to discuss it.

Clearly still coming to terms with the nasty scent that quickly filled his car, D’Agostino said, “Mate, it was the worst. I’ve driven past them a few times and got a slight whiff, but this was a whole minute of being jammed in behind one. Macorna Street is a long stretch at that time of the morning, and there was no way I could get around it!”

Admitting that by the time he realised what was happening and shut down his air vents it was too late to avoid the damage, D’Agostino said, “Next time I spot one of them trucks I’m shutting the vents down immediately. Even if the truck is 200 metres away. I never want to endure that smell ever again.”