A local father claims he has already commenced preparations for full year of using “20/20” references next year, telling close friends that he’ll “leave no stone unturned for this once in a lifetime opportunity”. Proud teller of dad jokes, Greg Winston, says he identified next year’s potential a couple of months ago, and has been workshopping five or six solid 2020 references for wider use in the 12 months following New Year’s Eve.

While the Watsonia father of two refused to divulge any more details about his preferred lines, he promised that “they’re absolute bangers mate, real funny”. He also said, “Next year is my year. I’m gunna go to a whole new level of cringe. It will be awesome. I’m so excited.”

Sadly, not everyone shares Winston’s enthusiasm for the year ahead – especially his wife Sharon who initially declined our request for an interview but later contacted us privately about her husband’s plans for 2020. She said, “I’m already dreading it, and it’s still two months away. The problem is he thinks the worse the gag is, the funnier it is. So when we roll our eyes, that actually fuels him. He doesn’t realise that when we roll our eyes it’s because we think he’s a moron that hasn’t drawn a decent laugh from any of us in almost a decade.”