A passionate Watsonian has today proudly worn his Klinger t-shirt to celebrate Aus Music T-Shirt Day. In the same year that Brett Calberry’s favourite rock band was inducted into the Watsonia Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he was mega keen to dust off his trusty t-shirt and wear it to his forward-thinking Brunswick open studio office space.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Calberry said, “There’s not many songs out there dedicated to the good old suburb of Watsy, but those guys had more than one! I love it. Me t-shirt has seen better days, but I’m still gunna wear it with pride all day.”

Calberry also mused that he was glad that he was based in Brunswick rather than St Kilda. He said, “This morning’s commute was not too bad. I mean, from St Kilda to Watsonia North is 13 hours on public transport, so that would put a real squeeze on my leisure time.”