Overheated party pies have made a controversial entrance into the coveted list of the top 10 most dangerous creatures to be found in Australia. For a list usually filled with deadly animals, it is believed to be the first food to make the list since a salami sandwich entered the list in 1996 in the wake of the Garibaldi food poisoning outbreak a year earlier.

While an overheated party pie won’t necessarily kill you, the third degree burns it can inflict on your tongue and the insides of your mouth were deemed brutal enough to place the Aussie delicacy alongside such deadly creatures as the saltwater crocodile, great white shark, and four different varieties of venomous snake. The creators of the list claim that the seemingly innocuous appearance of the humble party pie is one of the prime reasons behind its emergence in the list.

The official report said, “While most people quickly realise that it’s not wise to wrestle a drop bear or go to the movies with a redback spider, when a plate of party pies comes out at a function, people are easily seduced by the smell and the promise of a delicious meat filling. Then, before they know it, they’ve bitten right into an overheated party pie, the insides of their mouth have been scorched, and they start hopping around on one leg and exhaling furiously. We hope that by including them on this list, the people of Australia will start to exhibit more caution when approaching a plate of party pies.”