A Macleod motorist has been spotted flashing his headlights in broad daylight while driving along the Greensborough Highway, despite the absence of any speed cameras in the area. While his motivations were initially unclear, his actions had the immediate effect of slowing down traffic heading in the other direction as others responded to the random flashing. 

When later contacted by The Watsonia Bugle, the man admitted that he just did it for a laugh. He said, “Yeah mate, I just do it for a bit of a chuckle. All those sheep just see the flash and immediately slow down. Idiots. Most of them are speeding a bit anyway, so it’s no harm done really.”

The man’s actions are a definite spanner in the works of the age old warning system, with other motorists expressing their shock at the behaviour. One said, “It’s outrageous! If this kind of thing continues it’ll just be anarchy on the streets!”