The opportunity of a lifetime has presented itself, as applications have opened for our region’s most satisfying job: the Giant Dancing Coffee Cup. The world-famous job requires its incumbent to dance the morning away along the edge of Greensborough Highway, gently luring customers into nearby drive thru coffee emporium, The Pitstop, which is just a few hundred metres down the road.

As reported way back in June 2017, a survey into local job satisfaction indicated that the dancing coffee cup had a higher than average job satisfaction rating. According to the cup at that time, “It’s just a great job, best I’ve ever had. I have flexible working conditions, the uniform is cool, I can squeeze a bit of exercise into my work time, I bring joy to other people’s lives, and I even get free coffee!”

Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out the official job listing on The Pitstop’s Facebook page, and then send them a message. Good luck!