A local millennial couple have decided to ease up on “Okay Boomer” references after thinly veiled babysitting withdrawal threats from both of their sets of parents. Emma and Luke Vincent had spent the best part of two weeks dismissively using the “Okay Boomer” response in a range of social scenarios, as well as actively tagging their parents in different social media posts about the popular catchphrase.

However, things took a turn for the worse over the weekend after both sets of parents calmly suggested that an immediate cessation of the liberal use of the term would be advantageous for Emma and Luke if they wanted the regular complimentary babysitting of their toddlers to continue. Reflecting on the two separate incidents, Luke said, “Look, I guess Em and I had gotten a bit carried away with it all. At first, we were just happy to be onboard something from the increasingly fast-paced cultural zeitgeist. But then I probably tagged my Mum in one too many memes about it. Dad had a quiet word on Saturday morning when we popped over for coffee. He wasn’t overly aggressive, but he got his point across.”

Luke then claimed that Em’s mother was a little more direct with her feedback. He said, “Whoa, Em’s Mum went pretty hard. Basically told us to get stuffed with all this ‘Okay Boomer’ stuff. She point-blank said that if she got tagged in one more meme about it, she would be cutting off sleepovers and childcare pick-ups. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Fair to say we’ll be treading careful for at least the next few months.”