A local workplace supervisor emailed her underlings at an extremely late hour last night to prove to them that she works harder than anyone else in the office. The email, which had a sent time of 10:17pm, was not about a particularly pressing matter, but it sent a very clear message: none of youse are as committed to the cause as I am.

One of the underlings who received the email contacted The Watsonia Bugle this morning to express their disappointment at the tired technique. Under the strict condition of anonymity, they said, “She does it all the time, and it’s such an odd power play. I mean, it’s never about something that can’t wait until the next morning, so it’s clearly just a flex on the rest of us. It’s like, we get it, you have no life and are still scrolling through work emails after most of us are happily tucked away in our beds. Let it go.”

The underling also claimed that the well-worn tactic ultimately failed to achieve its intended purpose. They said, “None of us are impressed by it. In fact, it just comes off as being a bit sad. And I’m pretty sure she’s not doing it to elicit pity. But that’s all it does.”