A passerby has felt compelled to hand out unsolicited parenting advice at Greensborough Plaza as a father attempted to convince his daughter to have her photo taken with Santa. At the time, Daniel Driscoll’s 3-year-old daughter was resisting the opportunity to have her photo taken with Santa, as Driscoll calmly tried to reason with her.

During this tense negotiation, a complete stranger walked past and said to Driscoll, “Oh no, you shouldn’t be forcing her to do that, that’s not right”. Already dealing with elevated blood pressure due to his current parenting predicament, Driscoll took a deep breath and calmly asked the passerby to be on their way, as he was doing the parenting here.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle after the incident, Driscoll said, “I just couldn’t believe it mate. Here I am, dealing with little Sophie who was really turning it on, in a very public place, and this old duck wanders past and starts dishing out unwanted parenting advice. I’m actually quite proud of myself for not using fruity language in front of my daughter.”