A local philanthropist claims that he has applied for a Heritage Listing of the Hurstbridge Train Line, after submitting an application to the Victorian Heritage Register late last week. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Graeme Lynch said that he strongly believes that the iconic train line deserves official recognition for “decades of service to the local community”.

Heritage listing is traditionally bestowed upon places or objects that are “significant to the history and development of Victoria”, and Lynch believes that the Hurstbridge Line “ticks plenty of boxes and is pretty much a shoe-in to get the nod”. To support his application, Lynch says he collected over 100 personal stories from local commuters to underline the cultural importance of the train line that connects the Diamond Valley to the thriving metropolis of Melbourne.

While those individual stories covered a variety of topics, Lynch said they all had something in common. He said, “Of all the stories I collected over two years of research, the common theme was this: the Hurstbridge Line has been a consistent service to the people of the Diamond Valley. It’s just always there. Sure, there might be delays from time to time, but that train line gets the job done day in, day out. And all the while, lovers have met, rivals have fought, substances have been consumed, art has been made. The Hurstbridge Line is undeniably a cornerstone of this rich tapestry that we call life.”