A Watsonia street art installation has been described by a prominent Melbourne art critic as “Hipster with a Bogan twist”. The installation, which is essentially a discarded pair of PUMA footy boots dangling from a powerline in the thriving Kenmare district, has drawn wide acclaim after leading street art expert Danyle Comerford featured the piece on his popular blog “Ayrt with a Y”.

Continuing Watsonia’s proud history of burgeoning street art, Comerford described the installation as “Thoughtful yet urban, in a decidedly unobtrusive manner – just like the suburb of Watsonia itself. The piece also manages to neatly encapsulate the prominence of sporting pursuits in suburban lifestyles, and the key role that athletic pursuits play in the average person’s day-to-day life. On a deeper level, the juxtaposition of placing football boots on powerlines brings two undeniably energy-producing items together on a deep blue sky background.”

While speculation mounts over the creator of this instantly iconic piece, Comerford insists that it be looked at through the highly profitable hipster lens, writing in his blog that “One of inner Melbourne’s most prominent hipster touches is throwing an unwanted pair of shoes up onto some powerlines. It adds character to an otherwise concrete existence. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a pair of football boots used for this uniquely hipster affectation. That is why if I had to describe this moving piece in just five words, I would say: Hipster with a Bogan twist.”